Does FinTech Credit boost Entrepreneurial Growth in China?

                  主讲人: Prof. Harald Hau
                  Harald Hau is a Swiss Finance Institute Professor of Finance at the University of Geneva; a full professor at the Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM) and the Director of the Geneva Finance Research Institute (GFRI).
                  Harald Hau taught Finance at INSEAD for 10 years in the MBA program and various executive programs before joining the Swiss Finance Institute in 2011. He is a research fellow at the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), London; the Center for Economic Studies (CES), Munich; and the Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research (HKIMR), Hong Kong. He also worked as a visiting scholar at the International Monetary Fund,  and as the Wim Duisenberg Research Fellow at the European Central Bank.
                  His research focuses on international finance and financial stability issues. He has published widely in top finance, economics and policy journals. His research won the Joseph de la Vega Prize of the Federation of European Stock Exchanges, best paper prize of the Foundation Europlace Paris, and the Standard Life Prize of the European Corporate Governance Institute.
                  主持人: Prof. Haiqiang Chen

                  Based on unique data from automated credit lines to more than a million firms trading on Alibaba's e-commerce platform, we explore if FinTech credit from Ant Financial mitigates local credit supply frictions in China's segmented credit market. We use a discontinuity in the credit decision algorithm to document that a firm's credit approval and first-time online credit use boosts firm growth in terms of sales and transaction growth. Firm growth after FinTech credit access is larger in locations with credit supply frictions.

                  时间: 2019-06-19(Wednesday)16:30-18:00
                  地点: N302,Econ Building
                  主办单位: WISE & SOE
                  类型: 独立讲座

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